Rawalpindi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers


Rawalpindi Girls Whatsapp Numbers
Rawalpindi Girls Ayesha Sara Whatsapp Numbers

Hi Friends. my name. Ayesha Sara from Rawalpindi. today I am sharing my Rawalpindi Girls Whatsapp Numbers Let me tell you about my appearance and you will get to know more about me. The pic, which I’ve given while posting, it’s my real pic. I’ve black hair and a fairy face. My height is 5.6. You can make a guess after watching my pic is that I’m not fat. I’m smart and so young 

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I’m doing BBA because I have a business mind and I think that I can do it easily. If you are also doing BBA that’s great because I need Lil bit of help in the study. If you are willing to help others, then must contact me on my Rawalpindi Girls Whatsapp Numbers. I’m also fond of listening to songs and watching movies. One thing, I like most as compare to songs and movies is ChATTING. I love to chat with others. Whatever there are Facebook and Mobile. Whatever there is a girl or boy, I just love to talk with others and love to share my daily routine and whole dai things with others. You can say me a ” Pester girl ” 

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I haven’t given my full Rawalpindi Girls Whatsapp Numbers because of some reason. The first reason is that my number is not for those boys, who just want to pass their time. I don’t want to be teased. You must have understood. As you know that, after talking about mobile numbers, there is a full chance of being in a relationship with anyone. So, That’s why I’ve given my Facebook Id. If you are willing to talk to me, we will talk on Facebook and once I come to know about yourself and about your nature, I’ll let you know about my number

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First Name: Ayesha
Second Name: Sara
City: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hobby: Songs, chatting, and movies.
Qualification: Doing BBA
Language: English, Urdu, and Punjabi
Facebook Id Link: http://facebook.com/pwincesschulbuli
Relationship Status: Single
Sim Network: Zong

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