Holiday Season is Coming: What Exactly Is The Holiday Season

You have probably heard people, companies, or promoters talk about the holiday season is coming For example, “are you going home this holiday season is coming or “Save your money this season with a discount card from our store!”

If so, you might ask yourself what the holiday season is coming means. Don’t people rest all year? And aren’t there any public holidays throughout the year?

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The answer to these two questions is yes, but the holiday season is coming is a term used in North America, which refers to the period from Thanksgiving to the New Year. This is one of the most important American cultural holidays when most people in the US and Canada are likely to return to their home town or spend time with their family.

Holiday Season

In the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, you are most likely to hear about the “festive holiday season is coming,” which is up to the New Year or New Year’s holidays. the week that runs from Eve to New Year’s Day. During this time, many businesses in the UK are fully closed and employees spend all their time off.

Well, let’s see what holidays are going on.


It is a national holiday in the United States and Canada, held annually on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, people gathered for a good harvest, and today people still eat with their family and community. The main part of the meal is usually Turkish and consists of dishes made from seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin.


Hanukkah (also called the Festival of Lights) is an important Jewish celebration that lasts eight days and nights. The exact start date changes every year, but it always falls in November or December. In the second century BCE, the Jews fought against the Seleucid Empire, which occupied much of the Middle East and illegally created Judaism. Hanukkah has been around since the Jewish warlords took up the holy temple in Jerusalem and were able to resume their religion. Today, Jews around the world celebrate this holiday with a candle in the candle of eight menorahs, celebrating it, eating greasy foods like donuts and spending time with their families and communities.

Merry Christmas

In Christianity, this is the day when Jesus Christ was born, and it is the most widely celebrated Christian holiday in the Western world. In the Bible, wise men give Jesus special gifts to a child, and usually, a person named Christmas / Santa Claus / Saint Nicholas (depending on where you are from) thinks Christmas is going to be given to children around the world. bring gifts. Today, many people celebrate with great families and give presents to each other. This holiday is celebrated by the majority of people in the Western world, even if they are not religious or religious.

New Year’s Eve

It’s the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year! Many people make large gatherings with friends or family, at home or at bars and clubs. Everybody ceases to be the start of the new year and traditionally drinks champagne and kisses people around you at midnight. Many also make New Year’s resolutions, which are a list of things to try or stop doing next year. For example, start at the gym or stop smoking.

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