Famous Person of The World-Top 10 Toppers People

Today I am Sharing A list of a famous person of the world, chosen mainly from the nineteenth, twentieth or twenty-first centuries. This list includes famous actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and humanitarians. famous person of the world,

Famous Person of The World

1.Micheal Jackson: a famous person of the world
Michael Joseph Jackson [1] (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American composer, dancer, songwriter, musician, and philanthropist. Referred to as King of Pop, a famous person of the world, Jackson has been recognized as one of the best performers of all time by Guinness a famous person of the world, Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, as well as publicity over the course of his life, made him a world-renowned artist for forty years.

2. Bill gates: famous person of the world
I chose Bill Gates because he was my role model. He encouraged me because he was a very successful businessman. In addition, he was a successful manager for his Microsoft company, and he was very generous. Gates are not selfish; a famous person of the world, he cared about other people who needed help because of their illnesses and their poverty. It tells us about his life, his economy, and his leadership.

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955. a famous person of the world, He was born into a family with a history of business, politics, and community service. Gates is the grandfather of a state legislator and mayor, and Gates is the vice-president of the national bank. William H. Gates, Bill Gates’ father, is a prominent, Seattle defense attorney. Mary Maxwell Gates, Bill Gates’ mother, is a teacher and director for United Way Charity.

By the time he was in elementary school, he had surpassed all of his classmates, especially in Science and Math. When his parents discovered his wisdom, they enrolled Gates to Lakeside School, a private school. This school is home to its unique educational environment. In addition, this school first introduced Gates to computers. Bill Gates says, “When I was thirteen, my school (Lakeside School) set up a telephone computer in Seattle. From then on, my friends and I spent most of our free time writing programs and figuring out how to get the computer to do interesting things. ”

Later, Gates was recognized for Harvard College. On January 1, 1994, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates were married. Currently, they have three children: Jennifer Katherine Gates (born in 1996), Rory John Gates (born in 1999), and Phoebe Adelle Gates (born in 2002). At Harvard, he met Paul Allen, who was Gates’s best friend. They played with computer games that they were late for some of their classes. They will even skip some classes to take on a computer lab. Unfortunately, their computer schedule is completed after spring. However, they did not graduate from Harvard.

Allen and Gates went out to devote their full-time energy to Microsoft which later became a very successful and powerful company. They have faith that the personal computer will be a benefit to every workplace in every home. Gates and Allen began developing software for personal computers. They joined forces to form the BASIC language of the first microcomputer, and in 1975, they launched Microsoft Corporation.

Currently, Bill Gates is the chairman of Microsoft Company which was formed in 1975 with Paul Allen. The reason why they built these companies was that they needed to upgrade software for personal computers. Because of this company, he is rich. It earns about thirty thousand dollars every year. He is constantly working hard to make his Microsoft company better and easier for people, not only the US but the rest of the world. He has created a new computer called “Wow.” Clearly, this system has been successful as all of its other projects.

3. Sachin Tendulkar: famous person of the world

Full Name: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Name Name: Master Blatter, Little Champion, Bombay Bomber
Height: 5’4 “
Born: 24-04-1973
Place of Birth: Bombay, India
Test 1: Pakistan Karachi, Test 1, 1989/90
One Dvd: Pakistan Gujranwala, 2 MAD, 1989/90
Beginning of the first class: 1988
Major Teams: Mumbai, Yorkshire, India
Renowned: Sachin Tendulkar
Knitting Style: Right-Hand Bit
Bowling screen: Right-arm closure, leg fracture, right-arm intermediate, leg shot
Marital Status: Married
Wife’s name: Anjali Tendulkar
Children: Two (one boy and one girl)
Girl Name: Sarah Tendulkar
Boys Name: Arjun Tendulkar
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (born 24 April 1973) a famous person of the world, is an Indian cricketer. He has made a number of at-bats on the record, including the most Test series and most of all an international century, and in 2002 by Wisden, the first to be the first Bristol Besant, after Sir Don Bradman. He was awarded India’s highest sports award for Rajiv Gandhi Shah Ratna 1997-1998, and the Padma Ci in 1999. 1997 was Tendulkar’s one-year varsity cricketer of the year.

Early days
Born in Mumbai (then Bombay) in a middle-class family, Sachin Tendulkar was named after his family’s favorite music director, Sachin Dev Burman. He attended Shivashram Vidyamandir School where he started his career in coaching Ramkathan Achikar. At school, he was involved in a 664-run partnership at the Harris Shield with friend and teammate Matt Vinod Karley. In 1988/1989, he struck out 100 knots in his first-class match against Gujarat in Bombay. It was the first small island in 15 years and 232 days, a century early in the first century.
Global career
Sachin played an international match against him in Karachi in 1989 and was preferred by Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir, and Waqar Younis. He scored only 15 runs, a feat by Waqar Younis, who also made it to the first match. It was a brutal start, but Tendulkar followed it up with his Test test at Panchalia a few days later. His One Day International (ODI) disappointed for the first time on December 18, where he was dismissed by Waqar Younis, without a run. The series was followed by a non-partisan tour of New Zealand in which they scored 88 runs in a Test match, John Wright, who later coached the innings, which prevented Tendulkar from becoming the youngest Central Test player. Given. The long-term Madison Test tour came to England in 1990, but other scores were not significant. Schuller came true in his tour of the 1991-1992 tour of Australia, which contained a magnificent century of pain and physical track. He has been a Man of the Match 11 times in Test matches and twice in man, twice in the Australian Border-Glasgow Trophy.
His first ODI was on September 9, 1994, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Australia. The tenth-century Tinawalker had scored 79 runs.
Sachin Tendulkar is the only finalist of the century while the Renji Trophy, the Devolph Trophy and the first trophy of the Iranian Trophy.
In 1997, Cricket triathlon named Cricket Wisdom, the first calendar year in which he scored 1,000 Tests. He drove repeatedly in 1999, 2001, and 2002.
The quarterback also holds the record for scoring 1,000 ODI goals in an ODI match. He did it six times, 1994 – 1996, 1997, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2003. In 1998 he scored 1894 DVDs, still recording the highest ODI record in any given year.
A regular bowler, Tendulkar has scored 37 runs in 132 Tests.
Highlights of Tendulkar’s Test career include:

Provided by Winkworth as the second-best guarantee of all time (next to Don Birdman) [1] [3]

The highest number of test series (35), deletes Sunil Gavaskar’s record (34) on 10 December 2005 in Delhi, Sri Lanka.

The highest score of cricket ground played. In addition, Azharuddin (48), Kapil Dev (47), Anazamul Haq (46) and Wasim Akram (45) have scored 52 runs.

The 10,000-run scholarship is the fastest in the history of Test cricket. He holds the record with Ryan Lara. They both showed up in 195 runs.

4th fastest Test run in cricket (10,668) (updated February 16, 2007)

Performance average of 54.71 – the highest average of those who scored above 10,000 tests (updated on February 16, 2007)

Second Indian scored over 10,000 runs in a Test match.

37 Test matches (14 December 2005)

Second fastest player to reach 9000 runs (Brian Lara scored 9000 runs in 177 runs, Sachin 179).
Tendulok’s ODD performance features include:

Played more matches than other cricketers, 381 matches. (Most recently on 16 February 2007)

Most Man-to-Match (52) Rewards (Updated February 16, 2007)

Appeared on the largest plains (89 different grounds)

Rear Running – 14,783 (updated February 2007)

Most Centuries (41) (February 16, 2007)

Most centuries Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

First cricketer to market 10000 runs in DIC

Just crossed the 14,000-run mark in cricket at DIC

Cricket Fast has scored over 50+ plus 100 runs since 2006

Over 100 visitors – 147 (updated February 16, 2007)

Over 10,000 ODI runs between the top batsmen in the final (up to June 16, 2007)

The highest individual number among Indian batsmen (against New Zealand in 1999 to 1999).

The computer will keep records for recording 1,000 ODI players a year. He did it six times – 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2003.
In 1998, he scored 989 runs, while according to a DC record of any year, DC was recorded by the Rangers.

For the 9th century in 1998, the highest by any player of the year.
The world cup

Most (in the history of world cricket history of 1732 at an average of 59.72)

Director of Cricket Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup.

Scored 673 runs in the 2003 World Cup, one of the highest in the World Cup

Sachin Tendulkar is the first African to say that the third umpire was eliminated in South Africa in 1992 against South Africa.

He was the first emergency cricketer to play in the Yankees at CCC 1992.

Cautiously, Vinson is not included in Sri Lanka from the list of 100-run Test batsmen.
Criticism and Recent Performance
The series of all current performances against Sachin Tendulkar was released by Smith Cricket Kermit in 2005 under the title of “Wilson Crickets Germanium”: “Compared to Mumbai, there is no more damage than the 55-run loss on the Mumbai tournaments. Deny the majority of humankind in favor of robotic collecting. “
Criticism should be viewed against the backdrop of 20 to 25 year-olds, with their physical peak, through the 1994-1999 performance of the weasel artist. Tendulkar was deemed to have opened Australia in Australia in 1994 [4]. He scored 82 off 82 balls. It was the start of a wonderful tour, ending the tour of Australia in 1998-1999, after which Australian spinner Shane Warne joked that he had dreamed about his Indian nemesis.
The beginning of a dramatic comeback was when Pakistan visited India in 1999, with India ending the historic test in Soap, along with the Tendulkar century itself, even after the fourteenth century. It was as if Sachin’s father, Professor Ramesh Tendulkar, died in the middle of the 1999 Cricket World Cup. The trio succeeded captain Mohammad Azharuddin as captain, then proceeded to India on Australian tours, where they were defeated by a combined 3-0 [6] world. Tendulkar resigned, and Sara Ganguly won the Captain in 2000.

Tendulkar made 673 runs in 11 matches at the 2003 World Cup, reaching India’s final. When Australia sustained that injury in 1999, Tendulkar was awarded the Test Series.
As India series toured Australia in 2003-2004, Tendulkar made his mark in the last Test of the series, all in a century. Trailing 1-1 in the series, Rahul became the man of the series with Dravid.
The tennis convoys were then boarded on Tindlek when they toured Australia in 2005 when they first dropped out of Tests. He contributed to Chingling Afridi’s victory in Mumbai, though Australia had already played a 2-1 series, a Test match with China.
As of late, Venice is mentioned, Tendulkar has not been his old offensive self. Experts are divided on whether the effects are due to his growing years or to a higher degree, after 17 years of the injury. On December 10, 2005, at Feroz Shah Kotla, he delighted fans with a record of the 35th Test century against Sri Lanka. But the defeats were once again collected when he scored just 21 runs from 21 Tests when India traveled to Pakistan in India.
On February 6, 2006, Tendulkar scored his 39th ODI hundred in a match against Pakistan. Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka In this second ODI, 42 runs were played against Pakistan on February 11, 2006, and then, in fact, a special 9 February 13. In 2006, the enemy situation 95 in Lahore.
On 19 March 2006, after an unbeaten 1 against England in the first innings of the third Test in their home ground, Wingducker, [2] has ever faced such flak. While he was happy for his second innings, Tendulkar was without his credit for half a century without finishing the three-Test series, and the news of a one-shoulder operation raises more questions about his longevity. Jeffrey Boycott was diplomatic in his review: “Sachin Tendulkar is a very bad cause of his career … Now that he has been in the stands for two more months, I don’t think he can ever get it back.”
Personal life
Sachin Tolwalkar married Gujarati industrialist Anand Mehta, daughter of ailing Anjal Mehta, in 1995, a few years later he was introduced by influential friends. They have two children, Sarah (born October 1997) and Arjun (born September 23, 2000). Teolwalker sponsors children every year through NGOs affiliated with Annabel Mehta, an NGO based in Appalachia, Mumbai. Despite great interest in him, it is inevitable to talk about him, or other charitable activities, to protect the sanctity of his personal life. The trailer shows him taking his Ferrari 360 Modina for a night drive in Mumbai. (Gift by Michael Schumacher on behalf of Fiat, the car was notorious when Tendulike was granted customary pardon; Fate paid a mute to finish it.)

4. Barack Hussein Obama II: a famous person of the world,

Born August 4, 1961, is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold this position. Obama was previously a US senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until his resignation after winning the 2008 presidential election.
Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before obtaining his law degree. He worked as a civil rights lawyer in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago law school from 1992 to 2004. He served three terms representing the 13th Senate District of Illinois from 1997 to 2004.
Following an unsuccessful attempt against the Democratic President to sit in the United States House of Representatives in 2000, Obama ran for office in the United States Senate in 2004. Several events have brought him to office. national attention during the campaign, notably his victory in the Democratic primary in March 2004. and his opening speech at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004. He was elected to the American Senate in Illinois in November 2004. His presidential campaign started in February 2007, and after a close campaign in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries against Hillary Rodham Clinton, he won his party’s nomination. In the 2008 presidential election, he defeated Republican candidate John McCain and was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009. In October 2009, Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
As president, a famous person of the world, Obama signed an economic stimulus law in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in February 2009 and the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act in December 2010. Other initiatives by domestic policies include the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Dodd and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act. In the area of ​​foreign policy, it has gradually withdrawn combat troops from Iraq, increased the number of its troops in Afghanistan, signed the new START arms control treaty with Russia, ordered the application of the area of United Nations-sanctioned air exclusion over Libya and issued a direct order to a small group of US military forces to kill Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In April 2011, Obama declared his intention to be re-elected in the 2012 presidential election.

5, Justin Bieber: a famous person of the world,

Live banks will do the trick for a lot of laughs
An old soul is the last thing you would expect to find inside Justin Beer. But all it takes is a 17-year-old soulful singing trend that is light years ahead of the pop peers he created.

After posting videos of dozens of homes on YouTube in 2007, where the multi-talented Barris took over 10,000,000 views, most notably from his incredible Spanish artists such as Yusher, Ni-Yu, and Slim Entertainment. From the word’s mouth.

“I started singing about three years ago,” says the Canadian, who grew up in Stratford, Ont., Just a kid. “I called a Stratford Swap in a local singing competition. Other people in the competition took lessons and did vocal coaching. I couldn’t take it seriously at the time. I just walked around the house. I was only 12 and up. The second one was. “

In an effort to share his victory with Justin, Justin began posting his performance photos online. “I was comparing your song videos to YouTube so my friends and family could see them,” he says. “But it showed that other people liked them and they started their membership. That’s how my manager found me. He got me on YouTube and contacted my family and now I’m signed up!”

Just seven months after Justin began his videos online, the former West So So Def marketing executive Square Brown then moved to Atlanta, GA, singing the 13-year-old singer. As if living talent for singing was not enough to inspire the inner circle of the scooter, Brown was also an air composer known to John, who plays drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet.

“Right where we grew up in Atlanta, Scott drove us to a studio and Osh was in the parking lot,” Baber remembers. “It was my first time out of Canada, so I went and was like,” Hey Oz, I love your song, do you want me to sing you a song? “He was like, ‘No little buddy, just come in, why this got out.'”

It all took time, as a future entrée, to realize that this was the feeling for him. “After a week Asher called me back to Atlanta,” Berridge said. “I was connecting for him and his people and he really wanted me to sign him. But I still met Justin Timberlake who also wanted to sign me. This is the route that Escher’s dealer has taken. Well L.A. Reid backed him up and Scooter had a lot of good connections in Atlanta – now I always apologize and remind him that he has reached me for the first time.

In October 2008, Justin Bieber officially signed to Island Records. His debut album, My World, is an intimate look into the mind of a friend, young Razakson. With production hits like Dream and Stacey Stewart hitting men who created “Rana” and Beyoncé’s last bush for “Single Devices (Put A Ring On It”), the Giants needed everything to get the pop soldier.

Their first single, produced by the “One Time” track, is one of Justin’s favorite themes, Lovely Love. Justin joins “First Dancing” with Justin, where the two have a song in which Beyer describes, “a slow-moving song that people can dance to.” Maddie Mafia was born “Down to Earth” as Justin goes on to sing about the sequel. “Bigger” finds a young singer mature at a constant rate while struggling for his senses for his own purposes.

“I’m looking forward to influencing others in positive thinking,” says Justin Bieber. “My message is that you just keep on your mind. I feel underneath poverty. I didn’t do as much as others did. I think the person who made me stronger is my role now. I have a 4.0-grade point average and I want to go to college and just be a better person. “

The quest for an almost unknown natural artistic talent, Justin Bieber has been a strong force in music for many years. “I think older people can appreciate my music because I sing while I’m singing, and it’s not virginal.” “I think that I can create as an artist and my fans will grow with me.” And just think, he’s just getting started.

6. Tiger wood

famous person of the world Tiger wood. Born on December 30, 1975, Eladic Ton Woods is the only child of an African American Army officer and mother of a daughter in Cypress, California. His father started calling Woods by “Tiger” in the name of a fellow soldier and friend who was the same moniker.
Learn to play golf as a kid. His father, the Earl, worked as his teacher and mentor. At that age, Woods has become one of the most prolific players in the game, showing off his skills on this television show like Good Morning America.
He studied at Stanford University and earned a number of amateur US golf titles before becoming a professor in 1996. In 1997 he defeated Hardy after winning the Australian Masters in Augusta. At the age of 21, he scored 270 runs. The youngest man to win the title, and the first African-American to win this movie.
In his first appearance at the British Open later that year, Woods closed the course record 64%. The next few years were even more successful, including four USPA titles, three US Open One, three Open Championship wins, and three ASA Masters.
In 2003, the top five vintages were the Booby Invitational and the Western Open. The next year, Woods just won an official PCA Trophy Championship. Although he may have had some challenges, his personal life went smoothly. Woods married a Swedish model in October of 2004, to his longtime spouse Ellen Norgren.
To shake off this game, he won six championships in 2005 and was selected the Peg’s Sailing Division Player of the Year in nine years.
Woods suffered a major loss in 2006. Her father died in May after battling prostate cancer. “My dad was the best friend and best role model, and I miss him deeply,” Wood said on his website at the time. Despite his grief, Wade returned to golf and defeated many events, including the PCA Championship and the British Open.
The next session was well-integrated with many and personally. His wife gave birth to their daughter’s first child, Sam Alex Woods, on June 18, 2007. Shortly after welcoming his daughter, he won the World Golf Championship and the USPAC Championship in August 2007.
Next month, Wood’s winning streak continues, garnering top spot in the BMW Championship and Sea Tour Championship. He was named Second Birthday by a Ph.D. tourist and received his eighth Arnold Palmer Award for Leadership on Syria.
Woods won the joint award at the US Open on June 16, 2008, in a 19-hole game that prevented him from undergoing arthroscopic surgery in his left knee on April 15th. Woods struck out a first and only hole four times while American Rico Medical, 45, settled for a sack.
Suddenly the death toss started at 18-hole playoffs at the Terry Pines in San Diego, resulting in two outs. In that game, Willis was drafted by the Meadows for three shots after ten holes. Mediate then took three of the next five holes and the lead. But at the last hole, Woods spreads in the middle of the shot, forcing a sudden death play. “Said the Wands.” “All things considered, I don’t know how I got into this position, to be honest with you.” The victory gave Wood his third American Open championship and the 14th major title. This is the perfect four record release by Jay Nicklaus.

7. John Cena: a famous person of the world,

Height: 6’3 “
Weight: 260 lbs
Original name: John Cena
DOB: 4/23/77
City of High: Los Angeles, California
Other names: “perfect human prototype” (OVW), prototype (OVW)
Then the raster: 2000
Finishing Maneuver: Fu, STF, Proto Bomb, Five Duck Shuffle
Previous PWI 500 Rangers: # 2 (2010), # 3 (2009), # 9 (2008), # 1 (2007), # 1 (2006), # 2 (2005), # 7 (2004), # 12 ( 2003), # 46 (2002), # 281 (2001).
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Date: (Last Updated: 6/09/06)
The name of the color
June Sinai
Thief expert doctor
Fran .ais
The sea
The champ
Height: 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Bill Weight: 240 lb (110kg)
Born: Apr 23, 1977 (1977-04-23) (Age 31)
West Newbury, Massachusetts
Dictatorship: February 16, 2000
Biography of Manny
John Felix was known as Anthony Siena or John Cena, a WWE superstar born on April 23 and 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. When he was in college, he played football. He will then be a standout and lousy driver to continue with. The 6-foot-1 tall star weighs in at around 240 pounds and is a successful superstar in the WWE. a famous person of the world,
Thuganomics’s Dr. Ultimate started training to become a player in pro wrestling where he has also made prototype roles. Jane Singer appeared in a match at Cut Angle on June 27, 2002, with the WWE, with whom she was eliminated.
In 2004, John began to build a status as a celebration of Cena. Siena won the United States Championship from the Big Show. Not long after, Jenna lost the title but he soon regained it. Then Cena lost the title again for WWE superstar fellow Carlito. During that time, Siena was caught by one of Carlito’s guards in the pocket. As a result, he had to be out of action for a month.
In 2005 and 2006, respectively, Jenna made a few disputes. He was accompanied by champion John Bradshaw of Seinfeld, manager Eric Bischoff and fellow wrestler Chris Jericho. Siena also currently delivered the feud with Edge and Oga. But other than that, some friendships were forming. Jenna is said to have been friends with Carlito after a match with Jean Hardy, a match with Randy Orton and Johnny Nitro.
The year 2007 turned out to be a big year for Jenna as she joined a wrestling match with Britney Spears’ former and rap star, Keith Friedland. John ended up winning the match thanks to some help from Kevin Federline from Amiga. Later that night, the Siena Sports Foundation took revenge for a post-mortem body. In 2007 also began a beautiful career for John Cena as he became the first person to defeat the Seaweed Bulldozer, who won the Amiga that year. The Chin Gang defeats the RTS team, Randy Orton and Edge along with soldier Shawn Muggles. The match was won with Cena and Michaels.
In October 2007, Siena lost her title as Chairman of the Injury because of injury. Wrestling against Mr. Kennedy, Jenna gripped a puppy’s stomach while practicing a chip break. Although he finished the match and completed the rest of the script event, he discovered the next day that John had a major muscle injury to the bone, which required seven months to a year’s rehab. Because of not being able to perform, WWE CEO, Vince McMahon dropped him from the title and ended his reign.
In the year 2008, Siena made an unexpected comeback in action on January 27 as the last participant of the Royal Rumble match. He won the match and shot the title WrestleMania. Cena also had a match against the BLL, which he defeated on Judge’s Day and then in a first blood match on a windstorm. However, JBL defeated him at the New York City parking lot. In the month of August, the change was made by Jenna Rei Proscio, after it was announced that Cena suffered a stroke removed from her neck that required surgery and would be out of the operation indefinitely. According to reports, Jenna Honeydew Disk had successful surgery on her neck with Dr. Joseph Marvin on August 25th.
After wrestling, John also made his name in the film business. In 2006, the WWE franchise movie, The Marine, was released alongside John Titan, the lead character. The movie received a fun review due to the poor story and discrimination of the US Marines. Even so, fans were getting ready to watch the movie as it made John’s first big-screen appearance.
WWE wrestlers also ask recording artists to make their resume as they release their first report album “You Can’t See” which debuted at # 15 on the US Billboard 2009. The album was recorded with his cousin Tao Tzarmir. The album is a cover song of his entry theme song, ‘Give It Time’ and Keena and one of the songs he co-authored with a number of songs including the famous rap band Essex and the famous rapper Bumpy Angles. Kenna is the only professional to ever perform on two BBC members

Top Picks For Long-Running TV Shows
Although still active with the WWE, Gina made a guest appearance on Jimmy Cameron Live! To promote your album twice. He has also appeared on Lunch Night such as Quinn O’Brien, Director of Fusion’s Publications, Fox Speed ​​Net’s Best Dam Support Show era, MADTV, G4’s training camp and two shows on MMV’s Punk. He also served as the Hulk Hogan’s Third Judge of the Nashville Star of the Week for the 2006 season at the Third Choice Awards in 2005 and appeared in the 2007 Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards 2007.
In fashion, this champion has also made some trademarks. The banana is usually worn with very high denim jeans and the forebrain jackets were the first to be seen. Recently, Sina’s major China Gang business has come in handy. When his film, Marin, was released, John was asked to promote more military clothing to promote his film.
Siena graduated from Springfield College, Massachusetts with a degree in Physiology and Human Anatomy. He applied for 60 colleges and he was accepted to the 58 but in the end, he chose Springfield College. He is the eldest of five brothers and is said to have no family. His good friends are fellow jugglers, John Hennigan, Batista, Randy Orton, Carlito, Jeff, and Matt Hattie, who will have to fight him.
John Cena is definitely going to be a big inspiration whether he is participating in the industry, eating fashion, fashion, music or even films more than regular celebrities. With all that he has achieved, fans can certainly expect more of this WWE Superpower in the future.
He recently completed his 12th round of the World Movie that produced WWE Films. The film was said to be full when John suffered injuries in 2007.

8. Undertaker:

famous person of the world Undertaker (born March 24, 1965) [6] is an American professional wrestler a famous person of the world. He has been signed to WWE, currently on the SmackDown brand roster. He is considered one of the senior players in WWE, a famous person of the world, having been with the company for twenty years. Mark Claude began his career with the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. He joined the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as “Mean” Mark Callous in 1989. As an insurer and has since stayed with the company.
Undertaker is two magnetic donkeys: “The Demon Man”, an addicted, molecular-like personality, and “American-American bad-ass”, a biker. There are special matches with Intersectioners, Cricket Match, Burned Alive Match, Infamous Hell in a Cell and the last Last Match. Undertaker’s Cave Baby is brother Connie, with whom he is found as the Brothers of Destruction. Undertaker is screwed with a 19-0 record at WrestleMania. He is a half-time world champion compared to other majors: four-time WWF / A Champion and three-time World Heavyweight Champion Underwriter, and one-time USAA United World Heavyweight World as Master of Pain. Heavyweight Champion. Undertaker is a one-time WWF Hardcore Championship, and a 7-time World Tag Team Champion: six six-time WWF Tag Team Champion, and one-time WCW Tag Team Champion. Undertaker was the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble and became the first man to enter the annual event in third place and win. He was called WWE. The greatest man of all time. [9] The greatest and best player of all time in the history of the game. [10] Calaway is also an important aspect, appearing on the companies’ first commentary program, which continues to this day.
The Undertaker is the longest-running actor in WWE history, having been with the company for almost 20 years now with the company. (This is the last performance that was still working for the company on the first Monday Night Raw. Talent pieces). Born Mark William Calahaw, one of the most memorable and acknowledged superstars in the history of his company.
In his business that you can read in more detail on other Wikipedia, more noteworthy for “The Secret”: In his bargaining at WrestleMania, Undertaker has never lost a single one, and after every WrestleMania 17, “The Street” is a big part of the annual event.
He and his cozy “half brother” universe are the ultimate holders of WWE’s “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling” era concept, the comic book cushion-winning game. Undertaker made “Insidious” Jimmy look for more truth in Real Real between 2000 and 2003, but he returned in 2004. Even with “mythical wrestling” with mystical powers nowadays coming out like a sore thumb in some of the more real and unusual WWE fans, fans still like their gear.
WWE produced its controversial “50 Greatest Superstars of All Time” DVD, the company surveyed to create its resume. Undertaker was # 2 on the list – the # 1 show was missiles.
Not to be confused with the coroner.

9. Roger Federer: a famous person of the world,

Born: 8-Aug-1981
Born: Basel, Switzerland

Gender: Male
Race or race: Stand up
Body style
Occupation: Tennis

Nationality: Switzerland
Executive Summary: Winner of the 15th Grand Slam title

famous person of the world Roger Federer is currently one of the best tourist trains and is undoubtedly the best Swiss tennis player. The feeder was Basilic in Manchester, a suburb of Basel. He started playing tennis for three years, for many years he was an outstanding player in both tennis and football. In adolescence, he decided to pursue tennis, and at 14 his parents admitted him to the National Tennis Center, where he had been playing for two years. As a young player a famous person of the world, Federer soon jumped through the junior ranks. During his last year as a junior, in 1998, he won the Wimbledon Singles and will beat the Junior Championship. In his first few years, Feather won a few minor tournaments on the adult circuit but won the series finals at the Wimbledon and the French Open. Yet in 2003, Fred became the first Scots man to win a singles championship at Wimbledon.

Feathers admire Ms. Lacieux’s high-quality templates through Television Television. He is also the sponsor of a Swiss Dior congress sponsored by Nies, Wilson, and Emmie.

Father: Robert Federer
Mother: Lint Freder
Sister: Diana (b. 1980)
Wife: Miroslava Vivoink (“Mirko”, tennis player, B-1-Apr-1978, M-11-Apr-2009, two daughters)
Daughter: Charney Roy Feather (Twin, B-23-July-2009)
Daughter: Majella Rose Feather (Jr, b July 23, 2009)

Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Singles) 2003
Winner, Australian Open (Men’s Singles) 2004
Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Singles) 2004
Winner, US Open (Men’s Singles) 2004
Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Singles) 2005
Winner, US Open (Men’s Singles) 2005
Winner, Australian Open (Men’s Singles) 2006
Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Singles) 2006
Winner, US Open (Men’s Singles) 2006
Winner, Australian Open (Men’s Singles) 2007
Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Milestone) 2007
Champion, US Open Series (Male) 2007
Winner, US Open (Men’s Singles) 2007
Winner, US Open (Men’s Singles) 2008
Winner, French Open (Men’s Singles) 2009
Winner, Wimbledon (Men’s Singles) 2009
Gillette Approval (2010)
Credit Suisse Approval (2011)

10. Quaid-e-Azam

Quaid-e-Azam Baitul Mohamed Jinnah
On December 25, 1876, famous person of the world a child was born in a prominent Parnail family in Karachi, intending to change the history of history in South Asia and draw out a homeland for the Muslims of India. Theoretical.
From his early childhood, young Jinnah developed a habit of steamy independence and self-esteem. In 1892, he was called to the bar at the beginning of 16 years. During his four years in England, he returned to England and began his practice in Bombay. The early years were spent in hard and persistent labor. However, he soon came to see that not only as a professional lawyer but as a man of great integrity and character. He was soon elected to the Imperial Legislative Council where he appeared before his famous Muslim Wife Bill.
Jinnah Jinnah, a freedom fighter and a great patriot, began to frame the Congress’s point of view; and was called the “Hindu Muslim Alliance” ambassador when he regrouped between the Congress and the Muslim League in 1916. He realized India was merely a congress for controlling India’s cost. And it was during the 1930-32 London Conference of the Golden Miles that he received the shock of his life. “In the face of danger,” he said, “Hindu sentiment, Hindu Hindu mind, Hinduism gave me the result that there was no hope of unity.”
Jinnah returned from England in 1934, and the Muslim League was appointed to hold a procession in a highly dynamic organization. “We are a nation,” he said, “with their own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nominations, a sense of value and proportion, legal / law and moral codes, customs, and calendars, history. And with tradition. Skill and excellence; in short, we have our own unique way of life and life. We are a nation through all the functions of international law. “
In the following years, Mr. Jinnah, popularly known as Quaid-e-Azam (Great Leader), came to symbolize the Muslim aspirations for a separate independent country, and in 1940, the Muslim League, its inspirational leadership, demanded that India Should be partitioned and the sovereign state of Muslim-majority areas established. It was his temporary intervention and intolerable personality, his unwavering judgment and his ability to bring about the success of the Muslim struggle in the shape of Pakistan.
The rule was 17 when Pakistan was born. He was only rescued by God for a year, for landing him on a new state ship. However, during the brief period of his Governor-General, he sought to eliminate the true precursors for the development of democratic democracy in Pakistan.
He died on September 11, 1948, greatly missed by a grateful nation but one of the greatest figures in history a famous person of the world,

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