50 Top Ten Online Business Ideas In 2020

Nowadays, one of the key tools needed to start a business is an internet connection. There are numerous opportunities to start a business online. And in some cases, you don’t need more than that connection to drive your business.

Online business

Online business is growing at a double-digit rate. According to eMarketer, in 2017 it was up 24.8% over the previous year. Worldwide, global sales reached $ 2,330.4 billion, accounting for 58.9% of mobile sales.

Now that online businesses are a big part of the traditional retail market around the world, it’s a good opportunity to launch and execute online business ideas.

This is because 47.3% of the world’s population is expected to buy online in 2018. As more people use e-commerce, customers are looking for new and innovative online business ideas to further improve the experience.

While technology and price are comparable and there is little differentiation, customer experience plays an important role in online business.

In an online business where customer experience is a priority, more people click on e-commerce stores.

This includes providing sites optimized for customer reviews, social media engagement, mobile, mobile apps, chatbots, and more.

The goal is to implement the latest online business ideas so that the online business continues to grow.

Online business ideas

Here are 50 online business ideas to get started quickly.

Top Ten Online Business


Blogging is a viable business opportunity where you can choose the niche that really suits you. You can also make money with ads, affiliate links, info products, or various other methods.

Virtual assistant

Often, businesses and professionals can manage tasks such as email and social media with the help of assistants. You can also serve these clients online as a virtual assistant.

Social media manager

If you are familiar with social media, you can serve brands that want to manage their social media accounts on a daily basis.

Social media consultant

Or, instead of actually managing your account, you can provide your clients with social media expertise online.

Social media influencer

Or you can focus on growing your social media account. And if you ’re influential in your network, you can work with brands to build your business as an influencer that promotes the products and services in your account.

E-book author

If you have a book idea in mind, you can create your own eBook and publish it on an online platform such as Amazon.

Online Course Creator

You can also share your knowledge with people online by creating your own course and selling it on a website or mailing list.

Business coach

If you have a significant amount of business expertise, you can provide consulting or coaching services to your clients and communicate with them via email or video chat apps such as Skype.

SEO consultant

You can also offer more specialized types of services, such as SEO, for companies that want to increase the likelihood of your website appearing in search results.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs allow you to make money online by posting links to various products and services and gaining a share of each sale you introduce.

YouTube personality

For a comfortable entrepreneur in front of the camera, you can start your own YouTube channel and make money through ad sharing.


You can also start your own podcast, sell ads and sponsorships, and build your business around content.

eBay seller

If you want to sell real products, you can easily set up an online store on a platform such as eBay and sell a variety of products.

Handmade business owner

Or you can create your own product and set up your own homemade e-commerce store, or set up a shop on a platform like Etsy.

Web designer

If you are familiar with website design and knowledge, you can serve your clients as a web designer.

Website developer

You can also build your business by assisting at the back end of the website building process. This requires a little more technical knowledge but does not require you to be familiar with design.

graphic designer

Alternatively, you can communicate and engage with clients online as a graphic designer while providing non-technical design services.

App developers

If you have a lot of technical knowledge of mobile apps, you can build your business as an app developer for your clients or build your own app to sell.

Domain reseller

Anyone who wants to start their own website needs a domain. That is, they need to buy that domain from somewhere. So you can build your business by buying and selling domains.

Freelance writer

For those who want to start a writing business without starting your own blog, we can provide writing services to external clients as freelancers.

T-shirt designer

With online platforms such as Redbubble and CafePress, it becomes much easier for entrepreneurs to add designs to products such as t-shirts and sell them to online customers.

Remote tutor

You don’t need to meet in person to be an effective tutor. Set up online meetings with your clients to help them with different themes.

Online Advertising Specialist

If you have some knowledge of online advertising options, you can serve companies that want to promote their services using online advertising.

Travel consultant

Travel agencies are less popular than before. However, you can build your business as an online travel consultant to help your customers and groups find the best deals possible with their travel options.


Build your business as a proofreader or editor for various companies, authors, and other clients who want to send work online.

Stock photographer

If you mainly want to build an online photo business, you can take a picture and sell it on the stock photography website.

Website copywriter

Copywriters, another potential writing business opportunity, help companies make copies of their websites.

Virtual technology support

If you have the significant technical knowledge, you can set up a service that provides remote technical support to clients who contact online.

Contract customer service

You can also provide services to companies that want to outsource customer service communications.

Software developer

If you are familiar with the details of creating software, you can also create your own software program to serve or sell your company on a freelance basis.

Marketing consultant

Experienced marketers can also service companies that need help in creating and executing an online marketing plan.

WordPress theme developer

WordPress is a popular platform for blogs and websites. So, for those who want to easily create their own website with WordPress, you can create a pre-made theme to build your business.


There are many opportunities for researchers to serve writers, businesses and other clients online.

Member site operator

If you have an idea for a niche website, you can offer paid members to those who are part of the community or have access to other benefits offered by the site.

Blog Network Creator

You can also set up your own network for bloggers to pay and earn money through advertising and info products.

Ad network creator

Or, you can set up a network for bloggers, site owners, and other online businesses that want to find sponsors and advertisers, and vice versa.

Online PR

Public relations is certainly a viable business opportunity. You can also build businesses that communicate primarily with clients and publications online.

Website maintenance service

For those who want to work in a business that already have websites but can use some help to maintain or manage them, you can offer your service as a website manager or maintenance provider.

Website Criticism Service

You can also specialize in reviewing business websites that need to change or improve the experience of online visitors.

Online recruitment

For those who want to help business clients find the best team members, you can start a recruiting service that primarily finds and contacts candidates online.

Restart writing services

You can also work with clients who are looking for a job by launching a service that helps you create a resume and cover letter.

Life coach

If you want to help a client with a variety of issues, you can start a business as a life coach and communicate with clients primarily online.

Meal plan service

Or, if you want to be more specific and want to help your clients plan their meals and nutrition, you can provide a meal planning service that consults online with your client and submits your plan based on your consultation.

Custom illustrator

If you are a skilled artist, you can provide custom illustration services to clients who reach out to you via websites or other online channels.

Video ad creator

You can also specialize in working with clients who need to help create video ads to display on YouTube and other online platforms.

Direct sales marketers

Sales savvy people can build a business by serving business clients and contacting potential customers online.

Financial consultant

With a great deal of financial knowledge, you can build your business as a financial consultant and work with clients who communicate online.

Bookkeeping services

Or you can provide bookkeeping services to various companies and set up an online communication system to make things easier.

Online newsletter service

Setting up an online newsletter is very easy. And if you’re building a fairly large network, you can use the list to sell products, services, or work with other businesses to earn money.

Lead generation service

You can also serve business clients who need help finding leads online

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